“In Coaching and Healing, Dr. Joel Kreisberg and his colleagues describe a new model of patient care that is rapidly evolving, which is based on an integral perspective — attention not just to the physical aspects of a client but also his or her psychological, social, and spiritual needs.  This coaching model evokes a patient’s intrinsic wisdom through participation in narrative and self-exploration.  In this process, healing becomes as important as curing, and the therapeutic results are often deeper and more enduring than in conventional therapeutic interchanges.  This approach should be part of the skill set of anyone involved in patient care.”

Larry Dossey, MD
Executive Editor:  Explore:The Journal of Science and Healing
Author of One Mind and Reinventing Medicine


“The encounter with serious illness can either enclose our world in the suffering of “something’s wrong,” or become a portal for healing our heart and spirit.  In this powerfully rendered, honest and deeply wise book, authors guide coaches in establishing the kind of coaching relationships that transcend the fixation on cures, and serve the deepest domain of healing and realizing inner freedom.”

Tara Brach Ph.D
Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

“The remarkable individuals who compiled this volume bring their personal experiences, combined wisdom and the insights of their Integral Coaching discipline to distinguish between disease and illness, cure and healing. They point a way to the alchemical transformation of suffering into peace and health.”

Gabor Maté M.D.,
Author of When The Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress

“Whether you are in the midst of your own healing journey or providing care to someone who is, Coaching and Healing will give you fresh and powerful ways to understand healing at a deep level. The intimate personal narratives of ten incredibly generous and embodied Integral Master Coaches™ and the examples of their client work will hit you in the gut and leave you wanting to apply every word to your own life. May Coaching and Healing be of service as we each take steps, one after the other, on our own personal paths of wellness.”

Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt,
Co-Founders, Integral Coaching Canada, Inc.


“The book Coaching and Healing pioneers a new area of research and practice, namely, the application of Integral Coaching to the process of healing.  It’s a natural match in many ways, and yet remains sadly under-applied at this time. Coaching and Healing aims to redress that lack by directly approaching the topic through the lens of Integral Theory and Integral Coaching itself.  Although the book can be approached without any prior knowledge, it will likely be of more benefit to those familiar with either Integral Theory or Integral Coaching.  But in any event, it demonstrates the clear importance and profound effectiveness of taking a more integral approach to the whole process of illness and healing.”

Ken Wilber
Author of Integral Meditation and Integral Spirituality


“I was touched by the authors’ heartfelt stories of their own healing journeys and their keen insights and questions related to coaching in health care. In their quest to bring together ten voices across two fields, they mirror the challenges both of them face. Rather than provide pat answers, they stand in the midst of the fray and offer some new starting points for dialogue and healing.”

David Drake, PhD
Director, Center for Narrative Coaching & Design


Coaching and Healing offers us a comprehensive approach to critical health and wellness issues that affect us all. This insightful book asks us to reflect on our beliefs around pain and disease, and then shows us how we can take appropriate coaching steps toward healing. It combines heartfelt stories with practical pathways to help us navigate the journey through injury, illness, trauma or loss. The writers walk this intimate path with the reader throughout the book, sharing their personal hopes, fears, and coaching lessons learned along the way. These pragmatic teachings enable us to see what beliefs, habits, living and work environments, and/or relationships may be promoting or thwarting our wellness. Having served as a military officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, I know that reading this work will lift your spirits as you discover healthy alternatives to pain and suffering.

Colonel (ret.) Fred Krawchuk, Strategic Advisor, Coming Home Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to healing the trauma of war

“This book is a series of heartfelt inquiries into the perplexing landscapes human beings encounter when they shift from illness narratives to healing ones.  The sensitivity of the authors to their clients and their candor about their own illness challenges make this book both an inspiring and illuminating read.”

Greg Jemsek
Narrative Therapist


“This wise book, whose primary audience is health coaches, is chock full of insights into the facilitation of healing. Coming from Master Coaches trained in the Integral Coaching Canada model, the book flows freely from first-, second-, and third-person perspectives. As a physician, I realize that all health caregivers inevitably employ coaching techniques in practice, even if not primarily identifying as coaches. Accordingly, I strongly recommend this easily-read book to such caregivers as an introduction to effective techniques of healing and restoration.”

Gary Huffaker, MD


“Some illnesses are hard to cure, with painful or chronic symptoms that can be tough to cope with. Healing is different. By exploring my own healing narrative, I realized that my chronic symptoms weren’t because I had failed to cure myself. Instead they are a message from my own body and soul – a message helping me to find a different, and happier, way to live in the world. The Coaching and Healing process has changed my relationship with myself.”

Jason MacNaughton
Health and Wellness Client


“This guide to Coaching and Healing is a practical textbook that contains profound potential within its pages. The narratives and practices provided here lead coaches and consultants to the very edge of their own beliefs and limitations while expanding their capacities to become true integral healers. This is the wisdom that will change lives, one at a time, and in so doing, will change our entire planet as well. I highly recommend Coaching and Healing to anyone who desires to practice in the liminal field where true healing occurs.”

Karen Wyatt MD
Author of What Really Matters


“This book is a river of healing. Drink deeply of the compassionate wisdom, practical insights, and the soulful narratives that flow from these pages. It will only sensitize, strengthen, and ground your impact with those you touch through the healing practice of coaching.”

Barrett C. Brown, PhD
Managing Director, Apheno Advisory


“This seminal book is of great benefit for health professionals, patients, and all individuals who wish to live life to the fullest extent. We have the ability to alter our perceptions of problems that arise, be they health issues, a loss, or a seemingly insurmountable stressful situation. Coaching and Healing is an excellent guide which describes the basis of the healing process and serves as an excellent guide to a greater sense of well-being and fulfillment.”

Len Wisneski, MD, FACP


“It is perhaps no accident that Reggie Marra is a poet as well as a healing coach. The moving narratives he and his colleagues have chosen for this book reflect a poet’s thinking, that is, a creative vision of what healing is beyond the rigid medical conventions. The authors put forth two categories, pathogenesis, which reflects the traditional medical idea of disease and curing, and salutogenesis, which literally means “the creation of health or the fostering of healing.” It is this latter category with which a healing coach is most concerned. This book presents a bright new window on how to approach what we all face as human beings with a body.”

Doug Anderson
Author, Horse Medicine and Keep Your Head Down: A Memoir – Vietnam, the Sixties, and a Journey of Self-Discovery


“In my 2 decades of experience as a western trained allopathic physician I have witnessed how our healthcare system, much like our other social systems (such as our education and judicial structures),has increasingly become constrained by a worldview that is no longer sustainable.  A worldview that supports a reductionist and mechanistic way of engaging the world, which naturally gravitates to approaching health and wellness through the lens of what the authors of Coaching and Healing call the pathogenic model.  In my view, their description of a salutogenic model that emphasizes healing narrative is a critical next step in the evolution of what medicine and our health care system could become.  The approach to health articulated in this prescient book is the natural consequence of the growth in individual and societal conscience that is predicted by Ken Wilber’s Integral vision.”

Rajvir Dhillon, MD


“This volume is about the richness of coaching and how coaches augment their clients’ capacity to address healing. Coaches have the ability to consider their clients both through their own perspective and, in a deeply empathic stance, through the clients’ own eyes and experience. Kreisberg, et al. asks the coach to develop the skill of being “inside” the client—feeling what he or she feels, seeing the world from his or her perspective. To do this, coaches must inquire into their own healing resources, to recognize and relate to the varying circumstances and motivations of our clients—getting clear on what is ours and what is theirs. Kreisberg, et al. lay out a series of coaching sessions that offers great opportunity for accomplishing what they intend.  They lay out how coaches can help their clients shift from a disease narrative to a healing narrative.  The case stories from coaches augment this writing and add greater depth and detail to the process.  I highly recommend this book as a healing narrative and an illustration of what can be accomplished when human beings put their minds together for healing purposes.”

Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD
Coyote Institute for Studies of Change and Transformation
Author of Coyote Medicine and Narrative Medicine


Coaching and Healing is a compassionate guide for those who want to learn to be present to the suffering of others in a genuinely helpful way. Filled with experiential wisdom, real stories and practical exercises, this book makes a great contributes to the growing field of health coach.”

Henry Emmons, MD
Author of The Chemistry of Joy, The Chemistry of Calm and Staying Sharp


“A fascinating read for anyone who wants to tap into intrinsic healing power, supported by integral coaching and holistic, complementary medicine. The authors are salutogenic heroes whose collaboration fosters a much-needed transformation of health care.”

Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP
Author of How To Be A Health Coach: An Integrative Wellness Approach